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Roof Cleaning In Berkshire

We provide a premium roof cleaning service at affordable prices in Berkshire, to remove moss and other found debris, which will help keep your roof in perfect condition all year round.

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Avoid damaging your roof

Moss can cause significant problems to your roof if left to get out of control as it retains moisture and the roots can damage your roof tiles in addition to lifting some shingles and aiding water penetration. The moss can also be washed into your gutters and downpipes causing blockages.

Save money

Having your roof cleaned can help to prevent further problems down the line and if done by a professional company like Regional Enterprises, we can spot any potential issues like cracked mortar joints or loose flashing whilst we’re up there.

Like your carpets, your tiles retain dirt. They need cleaning too.

By hiring us, your roof will be cleaned with a jet washer machine which won’t damage your tiles. Your roof will look spectacular and you won’t need to worry about potential accidents, such as falling debris.

A Clean Roof Protects Your Home

If you leave it too long, moss can invade the roof cavity which can result in costly damage. Constant exposure to the sun can dry out your tiles, making them brittle and susceptible to breaking.